About Us

Our retail adventure began with Family Heritage Gift Shop in Franconia, Pennsylvania, where our shelves were filled with fine gifts and collectibles. It was a feast for the eyes. But the interests of our customers were changing, and we needed to adapt. It all started with one little shelf of jewelry! A bit of bling, that perfect wardrobe compliment and priced just right. Our little shop never seemed to have enough...our customers wanted something more.


That “something more” was to add clothing to the Gift Shop. My first buying trip was an experience I'll never forget. I remember being on the very first floor of the 14-story Apparel Mart in Atlanta, Georgia, where one of the first things I saw was a pair of beautiful jewel-embellished jeans. I thought they were perfect! When I learned they were to retail for $600, my first thought was that even if, as I was told, Dolly Parton and Nicole Kidman wore those very jeans, they would never sell in my store at that price. I was afraid I made a terrible mistake attending that show, but it wasn’t long until I found the styles (and prices) made for the real women of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania. And they are made for you too! 

We became known as the gift shop that sold clothing, and it wasn’t long before once again, our customers wanted still more. More women’s apparel, more jewelry, and more gifts. The search for a second location began and the doors to Shekala’s Boutique finally opened in November 2011 at the Telford Train Station. 

I’ve often been asked where the name Shekala’s comes from. Family is everything to me, so it seemed natural to combine Sheryl (that’s me – nice to meet you!) with the names of my daughters, Kate and Lauren. If I ever open a men’s store, expect it to somehow combine John, Nathan, and Ryan – my husband and sons-in-law.

We all know that shopping can be a daunting experience. The greatest challenge is often determining what size you wear. One brand you might wear a medium, and another a large, or do you need a 12 or a 14? And what exactly do those “sizes” mean?  I’ve had a client wear a Petite XXL, a Large, and a 1X all in the same outfit! Our stylists know our brands and are able to tell you which companies produce what we like to call “forgiving” styles and which ones we refer to as “not ego friendly” (meaning you just need to size up and cut the tag out). Our goal is for you to feel beautiful in everything your wear. We also want you to have a fun and enjoyable shopping experience. 

Did I mention that we offer Petite, Missy, AND Women’s sizes? Petite simply means you are 5’4” or under. It has absolutely nothing to do with size. Women’s apparel works for larger women, while Missy covers everyone in between. 





ACCESSORIES! We have them galore! Purses, Scarves, Socks and Jewelry. Speaking of jewelry - we have fine jewelry that you will want to pass on to future generations as well as fashion jewelry that is priced to sell, and will add that perfect finishing touch to your outfit! 





And can we talk gifts? We have an unending variety of gifts for children, women, and yes, men too! Currently, puzzles are the hottest item in the gift market - and we’ve got them!  For children we have a great selection of books, plush, banks, toy cars, and beautiful handmade baby bibs and bath towel sets.  Men love our hats, novelty socks, and tee shirts.  We even carry sports-related items for the sports enthusiast. 

Shopping for a woman? The go-to gift is often jewelry, but we also have home décor items, handbags, stationery, Camille Beckman Body Care, and Gourmet Food items.  We really are a one stop shop. 

See something you like, visit our stores or call (215) 723-4832 to arrange shipping!